Art Logistics

Our way to more sustainability

The idea

We have dedicated ourselves to revolutionising art logistics and developing a safe and flexible solution of art transportation that does not only minimize resources, but is also environmentally friendly and characterised by sustainable materials and reusability. This motivation has led us to form an interdisciplinary team consisting of museum experts, restorers, registrars, gallery owners, engineers and logistics specialists to develop concrete ideas.

The process

Analysing the current state we first examined the advantages and disadvantages of our VarioSystem crate as well as problems of art transport in order to derive possible improvements in the design features of the VarioSystem crate on the basis of this data with the primary aim of reducing weight.

With the help of customer interviews, we were able to dive deeper into the topic, immerse ourselves in the customer's point of view, record his wishes and needs and at the same time grasp his problems when transporting art objects.

On the basis of the collected data we started an innovation process to find initial ideas for a sustainable and reusable transport solution and the materials that might be used. Against the background of polluted oceans because of plastic we decided against the supposedly simpler approach of using plastic or synthetic composite materials, as these materials are no longer contemporary for us.

The developed approaches resulted in a first FLXSM prototype after numerous coordination processes and with the involvement of experienced agricultural scientists. After some tests with the transport system, a feedback phase followed in order to identify further optimisation possibilities and to learn from the knowledge gained.

Niclas Hein, project manager
Niclas Hein, project manager
„The aim was to develop a completely new transport system that would not only be light and economical, but would also ecologically sustainable - we succeeded this goal with FLXSM!“

The innovation

The result of our intensive creative process is a long-lasting, reusable and completely new transport system, which enables resource-saving and sustainable art transports and furthermore guarantees the safety of your artworks as well as a flexible usage!

Benefit from FLXSMfrom the end of 2020!

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